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The uk's first affordable propane powered heat shrink gun

Heat Shrink Guns

Shrink Pro 10 – the all new, British designed gas heat shrink gun has arrived! Cost-effective but still designed with safety and ease of use in mind.

The basic principle of shrink-wrapping is quite simple.
The item to be wrapped is covered with low-density polythene film and then, on application of heat from the Shrink Pro 10, the film shrinks and tightens to protect the product.
Shrink-wrapping guarantees that your products will reach your customers in the best possible condition.

The advanced aerodynamics of the Shrink Pro 10 heat shrink gun give a wide and even disbursement of heat which means faster shrink rates and a constant transfer of heat, minimising hot spots.
Even though our Shrink Pro 10 heat shrink gun is the lowest priced on the market, it still delivers the quality and durability you would expect.

The heat gun has a stay-cool guard, ergonomic handle and is safe and easy to use – the flame is never in contact with the nozzle, which stays cool and thus avoids any risk of burning.
The flame fans out to cover a large area making the shrink process quick and easy.

For more information on the Shrink Pro 10 please visit our Sister Company:

Shrink Pro Ltd

Technical Specification

Shrink Pro 10 Heat Shrink Gun Specifications
Fuel Propane Vapour
Fuel Info Fuel normally in industrial bottle (various sizes)
Ignition Piezo crystal
Gas Pressure 3.5bar (50psi)
Heat Output 40Kw (136, 480 BTU/hr)
Gas Consumption 2.8kg/hr (6.17lb/hr)
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